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Gifted Education

A parent/guardian, professional educator, community member, self, or peer may refer a student for a Gifted Referral. Referrals are accepted in writing by the school’s Gifted Identification Coordinator, Mrs. Bland, during the specific dates for specified grades:

October 1-30 – Referrals accepted for First, Third, and Fifth grade students
January 4-22- Referrals accepted for Kindergarten, Second, and Fourth grade students

Parents/Guardians must send an email or submit a request in writing to Mrs. Bland from October 1-30 or January 4-22 of the appropriate referral window. Mrs. Bland will send an Academic Referral Form and Parent/Guardian Questionnaire home to be completed and returned.

The questionnaire is also available online at

For more information please check out the HCPS Gifted Page and the HCPS Gifted Parents Blog:

Please contact Mrs. Bland if you have any questions at or 804-328-4028.

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