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Clubs & Organizations

Recycling GREEN Team:
This year two students from each 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade class were chosen to be members of the GREEN Team. Each of our classrooms were given containers to recycle their unwanted paper products. Our GREEN Team then collected and dumped the recycling in our large green bin outside.
How Can I Recycle?
  • Start at school. Recycling bins will be in each classroom for paper products.
  • Recycle at home. You may have a recycling service that picks up recycling with your trash. If not, look for a recycling center near you.
  • Instead of throwing away old toys or bicycles, you may be able to donate them. Other children or family members may enjoy things you don’t use anymore.
  • You can be creative and turn an old can into a new pencil holder by painting it. There are lots of way to make old things new again with a little imagination.
Thank you teachers and students for helping to keep Fair Oaks Elementary GREEN!
The purpose of the Student Council Association at Fair Oaks Elementary School is to provide students with an opportunity to show leadership and develop a sense of accomplishment through projects that benefit our school and community.

SCA officers and representatives are elected each fall by the 4th and 5th grade student body We held a ceremony for election speeches as well as an initiation ceremony for all fourth and fifth grade students.

Here are some of the things that our school has been able to achieve this year through the leadership of our Student Council:
We made collection boxes for each classroom and collected canned food items for donation to Henrico Christmas Mother.

We also assisted our Assistant Principal, Ms. Stevens, with Grandparents Day in November.

Safety Patrol:


Safety Patrol is a select group of Fourth and Fifth Graders that are committed to providing a safe school environment for all students at Fair Oaks  Elementary. A Safety Patrol member should be responsible, respectful, cooperative, and helpful. … Helping students get to class or designated areas without running.






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